Why You Can’t Seem To Change

One of the things I’m most fascinated with in personal development is the concept of making changes in ourselves. So why do we do the things that we do. Why can’t we seem to make any changes that stick. We go on a diet and then we are off. We start exercising and then we stop. We stop whatever bad habits and then we start up again.

Why is that? Why do we keep defaulting back to the original action. the-new-psycho-cybernetics-1-638

Well there is a good reason for it and there is also a solution. First, would like to recommend a book by Dr Maxwell Maltz. 

It’s an incredible book that talks about the self image having a lot to do with it as well as how we always default back to what our self image is. I highly recommend reading it if you are looking to make lasting change.  

In the video below. Bob Proctor discusses the same concepts and he refers to it in terms of changing your paradigm. It’s not a very long video, but I believe that having the understanding is the first step towards making a change. 

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Ibrahim Sesay - October 8, 2015

Inspirational and mind moving video. I may not clearly understand the intelectual interpretation but i am able to put into perspective the idea and the analogy to support the matrix.

    Stefan - October 8, 2015

    The book would truly help you understand.

    The basic idea is that you are preset to a certain way of being. Similar to the way a thermostat is set to a certain temperature.

    The thermostat alwaydtbrings the room back to the same temperature.

    In the same way,you are preset. No matter what you do with will power. You will always go back to your default setting / temperature.

    To change you have to do it from the inside. Hopefully that helped you a little.

Walt Wilson - October 8, 2015

Thanks Stefan, that was very interesting. Fear is definitely a big obstacle that has to be overcome.


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