Are You Afraid to Ask for The Money?

Asking for the money was something that I struggled with myself for a long time when I first got started with my home based business career. The thing is that I didn’t even know that I was struggling. The results were what made it evident. 

I simply wasn’t making sales. 

The reasons could be numerous. 

My own fear. Or that fact that I grew up without a lot of money. 

In this video I’m going to tell you why it’s so important for you to get out of that trap and how you can get started now. 

I hope you enjoy the video. Shoot me a question if you have any or if you need some help with this, let me know. 



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Ibrahim Sesay - October 20, 2015

Good tip. But not knowing the worth or the amount to charge in the case of providing service is another problem. How mush is your service worth? Might be the next tip.


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