Marketing Expert Predictions For 2016 and More…

Here are some expert predictions for 2016 in terms of marketing and promotion for business. As you most likely know I’ve been making a full time income in the home based business industry for the past 7 years. As my business has grown I’ve realized that it’s important to stay current. 

Old methods still work of course, but with the technology available today. Things can move much faster and can be much easier. 

First Up is 

Yoav Vilner

He covers quite a bit of great information in his post but what really stuck out for me was his post about snapchat. Now I’ve personally just started using snapchat myself but the platform is extremely social. It’s already being used by political campaigns for the 2016 and is definitely here to stay.

You can find his post by clicking here.

Next We have 

a.a. currey




A.A. Currey

I’m a big lover of Instagram. In fact as I write this I’ve been promoting in Instagram for 11 weeks and this weed I should hit 10,000 followers. I’ve written a book on it which you can get for free. You should be able download it on the side of my blog. This infographic is one that I had to share with you. It shows you exactly why if you have not been promoting on Instagram, you need to start right now. Info Graphic is below and you can see the entire post HERE.





Natasha D. Smith

Natasha shares some amazing twitter rules to follow if you are marketing there. You should be using as many platforms linking to one another as possible. The great thing is that as you post your content. It’s really easy to simply share on twitter. 

Here is the link to her 10 tips. I hope you enjoy them.

Click Here 

I hope that you enjoyed this post and will share it if you did. 





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Ibrahim Sesay - November 2, 2015

Insightful and valuable information indeed. Thanks for your posting.


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