About Me

Stefan dessalinesYou see, all of my life I’ve ultimately been interested in only two things I’m talking from roughly the age of 6. Personal Development was the 1st. I went to Catholic school as a youngster in NYC and I recall always questioning what I was told by the nuns. Their retort of telling me to believe what they were saying because it said so in the Bible in no way worked for me. I was simply too curious and I sought after confirmation for myself.

I wanted to uncover why I’m here, what my purpose in existence is and the best way to live up to my utmost potential at all times. It may appear a bit odd that a youngster in the first grade was asking these questions, but that is precisely what I sought to know.

As I grew older, not only did I desire to understand the answers to those questions for myself but in addition I wanted to understand how to assist other people uncover their purpose and how to circulate their own power and live in the FLOW of life. In reality what all of that really means to me is becoming truly free. Free to live life precisely how you were designed to live it.I mean being fearless, I mean being your word, doing what you say with power and certainty.I mean being an example to others by the quality of your own life.

A part of your freedom also merges into your financial life and the way that you make your living.  To be free in our present culture you require a particular income.  True freedom and self expression requires you to own the ability to do lots of things that require money. Having your own business and understanding how to produce wealth with your business will allow you to become truly self expressed as a result.